Commercial Property Service Charges – MScorecard

We have developed the “MScorecard”  for ranking and scoring commercial property service charges operated at major shopping centres across the UK. The idea came about when working on a portfolio of stores for one of my retail clients.

commercial property service charges

It ranks centres with each applicable property getting a score out of 100 so that they can instantly see how well a particular service charge regime at a shopping centre (or any multi let commercial property) is run.

The MScorecard score is communicated to both parties at the end of the audit so that they can both see at a glance what I think of the way they run their commercial service charge.

What does it measure?  Everything in the RICS Service charge code of practice plus a lot more including responsiveness to requests, access to information, transparency and more.

How do I get one?  The score generated forms part of our Service charge audit function and is also used when we are asked to prepare an Expert Certificate. It is not offered as a standalone service. If you are interested in what your commercial property score is get in touch and book a service charge audit today.