Service Charges Commercial Property

Managing agent’s are not always right when they invoice commercial property service charges. The following are a list of simple errors that this firm has identified and corrected on behalf of occupier clients.

Service charges commercial property

  • Charging a tenant ABOVE  the capped amount specified in the lease.
  • Invoicing for costs that relate to well BEFORE or AFTER the lease began.
  • Including costs that are expressly EXCLUDED in the lease.
  • Charging the wrong PERCENTAGE  share of costs.
  • Not allocating costs to the correct expense SCHEDULE.
  • Including costs from an unrelated PROPERTY.
  • Arithmetical ERRORS.
  • Charging for costs that the tenant derives no BENEFIT from.

So before you pay service charges commercial property invoices check your lease and check the calculations to ensure that you are not needlessly over paying and if in doubt get and touch with us.