Helping occupiers with Lease Consultancy

My background was managing commercial property on behalf of landlords.

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Properties that I managed on behalf of clients were varied. These included shopping centres, High street town centre retail schemes, out of town retail, shopping parks, office buildings and industrial estates.

My time was stretched and I never really had the time to spend looking after tenants and working with them as much as I wanted.  Almost every day I came across occupiers that had entered into a lease on terms that they either didn’t fully understand or were heavily weighted in favour of the landlord.

A few things stuck with me but nothing more than forfeiture proceedings where we took back property from tenants that couldn’t pay their arrears. Sometimes this was as a result of poor planning on behalf of the tenant and others it was because of unexpected costs due that they tenant hadn’t been advised they were responsible for.

As lease consultancy specialists McNeil Commercial is set up to help commercial property occupiers.

Now running my own business it is a key point for me that clients be made aware of potential exposure to costs in advance of signing a lease.

When negotiating terms for a new lease I make sure that my occupier clients know where they are inheriting onerous obligations. If they know then they  can either allow for it in their business plan or decide that they don’t want to expose themselves to it and re-negotiate.

Occupiers don’t like nasty surprises and while I don’t profess to eliminate them entirely during the lease negotiation process I sleep easy at night in the knowledge that my clients are in a far better position when signing a lease that they would be without our help.