Looking for a commercial property and don’t know where to start?

  1. Search the internet for property listings in your desired location.
  2. Search www.ricsfirms.com to find local agents in your target area.
  3. Speak to and email local agents about your requirement.
  4. Keep in touch with (but don’t hassle) landlords agents.
  5. Make yourself credible to landlords by being prepared with answers to questions about your business plans.
  6. Get your commercial property solicitor involved early as they may know of opportunities.
  7. List your requirement on the internet and via social media.
  8. Physically search the geographic location you want to be located in and make notes of vacant or occupied properties that fit your requirement.
  9. Contact the leasing agent/freeholder or current occupier of these properties and let them know you are searching for similar.
  10. Too busy for all of the above? Instruct an experienced chartered surveyor with local expertise to act on your behalf as an acquisition agent and let them do the work while you run your business.

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