Do you have a Bath Office Rent Review in 2018 or 2019 ?

Are you an office occupier and have a Bath office Rent review coming up  ** don't panic**. Back in 2013 and 2014 it was not unusual to agree lease terms at £10-£12psf with rent free periods and capital contributions on office property in Bath. 5 years on and occupiers are encountering their first Bath office [...]

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Commercial Property For Rent – 10 Key points

Are you looking for commercial property for rent? Here are 10 points to remember when considering a commercial property for rent. Leasing agents act for Landlords. Find out all costs before making an offer. Initial costs, running costs and exit costs. Try and mitigate all costs in lease negotiations. Research the local market. Have more than one [...]

RICS Service charges in commercial property 1st edition

RICS Service charges in commercial property 1st edition RICS Service charges in commercial property 1st edition supersedes all three previous editions which were published as codes of practice. This new document has the status of an RICS Professional Statement. RICS members and firms regulated by the RICS must comply with professional statements in order to remain professionally [...]

Service Charge Disputes – can you afford to ignore them?

Service charge disputes – can you afford to ignore them? An unresolved dispute, no matter how minor, has the potential to seriously affect the operation and reputation of a Landlord. It may delay or affect the ability to sell the property, as it cannot be truly “ready for sale” if service charge disputes exist, or historic [...]

Office Service Charge New RICS Code 2018

Office Service Charge - Commercial Property In light of the new RICS code here are just 5 things that landlords and managing agents of offices need to ensure: 1) A service charge apportionment matrix is provided. 2) Budgets and reconciliations with appropriate explanatory notes are provided annually. 3) All expenditure sought to be recovered via [...]

Service charges in commercial property 1st edition, September 2018

Service charges in commercial property 1st edition, September 2018 The 4th version of the "RICS Service charge code" released on 17th September 2018 is called Service charges in commercial property 1st edition, September 2018 .  This is the first time it has the status of an RICS Professional Statement. RICS members and firms regulated by the RICS must [...]

Service Charge Code – How to check the percentage

 Service Charge Code - How to check the percentage New 1st Edition Service Charge Code (external link here) 10 things a business occupier can do to check whether their service charge percentage is correct. Check: All lettable areas are included in the apportionment matrix. Income generating activities contribute a fair share. Floor areas are correct. The basis [...]

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Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation of property dispute

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation Mediation is  a voluntary, non-binding  private method of dispute resolution. It is a process where a neutral person helps the parties reach a negotiated settlement. Alternative dispute resolution mediation service - Property dispute Civil Procedure Rules place a duty on the court, party representatives and the parties themselves to [...]

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Service Charges in Commercial Property, 4th edition – RICS 16th May 2018

What will be different about the New code? Service Charges in Commercial Property, 4th edition - RICS will be a Professional Statement. RICS members must comply with professional statements in order to remain professionally competent. When an allegation of  negligence is made against a surveyor, the court is likely to take into account any [...]

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Looking for Bath Offices ?

Are you looking for Bath offices and struggling to find the right space to lease? This is probably because you are relying on internet searches and calls/emails to local Bath leasing agents. As leasing advisors we: Know about Bath offices that are yet to come to the market. Advise you on potential pitfalls/benefits of each office [...]

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Commercial Service Charges – Mistakes – London Restaurants

Commercial Service Charges - London Restaurants. This firm gets a lot of business in London from cafe and restaurant clients occupying multi tenanted buildings that feel that there are being overcharged on their retail shop for commercial service charges. Frequently they are correct..but why? The most common mistake in my experience is that Landlords haven't split [...]

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Commercial Property Service Charges – New MScorecard

Commercial Property Service Charges - MScorecard We have developed the "MScorecard"  for ranking and scoring commercial property service charges operated at major shopping centres across the UK. The idea came about when working on a portfolio of stores for one of my retail clients. It ranks centres with each applicable property getting a score out of [...]

Service Charge Code – 4th edition – RICS

Service Charge Code, 4th edition - RICS The consultation period for making comments on the Service Charge Code 4th Edition has passed. The working  group made up of representatives from all the leading industry bodies has met to consider all the responses received by the RICS and agree the changes that need to be made with [...]

Start up Business – Office Lease

Start up business taking an office lease. This firm recently advised a small start up business, a tech company, located in cool tenant friendly incubator serviced offices. We were instructed following advice of their law firm who suggested we assist them as they were thinking about moving out of their serviced offices and taking a new lease [...]

New 4th Edition – RICS Code – Service Charges in Commercial Property

 Service Charges in Commercial Property - 2018 The current document which has the status of a Guidance Note was released by the RICS on the 4th February 2014. A new updated version is, I am reliably informed, in the pipeline. This firm looks forward to seeing the consultation document for the  Service Charges in Commercial [...]

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High value office deals

High Value Office deals McNeil Commercial have successfully represented a large number of occupiers in high value office deals over the last few years. Why do law firms, professional firms and technology companies use us to represent them? Here are the top 5 reasons our research has found. High powered businesses take professional commercial property advice. Time [...]

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Service Charge Review – Expert Certificate

This firm is now able to offer an Expert Service Charge Review to Landlords and Managing agents. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers: Q. We have our service charge audited by an accountant do I need this Expert Certificate as well? A. An accountants audit doesn’t look at all of the aspects [...]

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Can’t find a Bristol office due to lack of availability?

What does lack of office availability mean for a businesses trying to find a Bristol Office? You may have seen reports from the large national corporate property consultancy firms saying office availability in Bristol is running out or in short supply as we enter the 3rd quarter of 2017. This firm is currently acting for [...]

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Commercial Service Charge Accounts – Business Tenants – Should you pay?

Business tenants and commercial service charge accounts The most frequent question I am asked by new clients when I first take on a service charge instruction is “Should I pay this invoice or withhold payment of it?” Business tenants are often faced with this dilemma for the first time when the commercial service charge on [...]

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Commercial Property Consultants – Property search and lease negotiation

Should you use a firm of commercial property consultants to help you in your property search and lease negotiation? Imagine as a director of a company (finance director, managing director or other)  you have been tasked with searching for and negotiating terms on a new office. You have to find the right office negotiate a commercial deal [...]

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Property Management – Ready to Let?

Property Management Basics: Commercial Property Management - Is your space ready to let? To have the best chance of leasing your clients vacant commercial property it is important to get the basics right. At a minimum prospective tenants require the following : Copy of the EPC, periodic electrical test reports, asbestos report/management plan, legionella/water testing. [...]

Property Arbitration – Can it resolve my dispute?

What is Property Arbitration? Property Arbitration is a non-judicial process for resolving property disputes. The arbitrator is an independent third party often chosen for their expertise. The arbitrators role is similar to that of a judge. The arbitrator makes a makes a decision that is final and legally binding. Arbitration is favoured by many because it [...]

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10 common mistakes when negotiating a business lease

Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid when negotiating a business lease. Talking about the rent and lease length before dealing with all of the points below. Not inspecting the premises before talking about terms. Not fully considering all initial leasehold acquisition costs. Not considering all occupancy/ running costs and mitigating those in lease negotiations. Not [...]

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Commercial property – How to search.

Looking for a commercial property and don't know where to start? Search the internet for property listings in your desired location. Search to find local agents in your target area. Speak to and email local agents about your requirement. Keep in touch with (but don't hassle) landlords agents. Make yourself credible to landlords by being prepared [...]