Commercial property service charge case studies

London – Retail and Office

Problem: Landlord not able to recover service charges from occupiers.
Solution: Reconfiguration of building charges to a fair and more equitable basis.
Result: Dispute resolved and collection of arrears without litigation.
Savings: >£200,000.

London- Office

some commercial property case studies which include work on london offices

commercial property case studies

Problem: Long running dispute at office building.
Solution: Service Charge consultancy advice.
Result: Landlord agreed to adjust the calculations.
Savings: >£100,000.

Mayfair- Restaurant

Problem: High Property Service charge costs.
Solution: Service Charge cap negotiated.
Result: Agreed by Landlord.
Savings: > £2,500 for next 10 years. Total in excess of £25,000 plus VAT.


London Restaurant 

Problem: High service charge year end balancing charges.
Solution: Lease provisions checked and dispute managed.
Result: Service Charge credits issued by Landlord.
Savings: £28,000 plus VAT.

Bristol-  Shopping centre

Problem: High Service Charge and likely to rise further.
Solution: Variation negotiated with landlord reducing the service charge and agreeing a cap.
Result: Service Charge reduced by £1,588 per annum and capped at £9,000 per annum for next 3 years.
Savings: £1,588 on service charge for next 3 years. Total £4,764